Monday, June 12, 2006


Since I never get mic time, and only God knows why, I cannot vent on the usual bunch of assholes that attend weekly CWF shows.

Let's start with the smart marks. You know the ones, these are the guys that want to pretend they've been inside a ring hundreds of times and can out wrestle even the best of us. The guys who know wrestling for what it is, and yet find nothing better to do but bury it. I bury people all the time, but I'm a wrestler, I'm entitled to it. These guys want to pretend they're the ECW/ROH fans so they can yell "2" every near fall and suck off the dickhead wrestlers that wanna hear they're worth a damn. If I wanted to be told I suck by a guy who had never stepped in a ring but thinks he knows everything I'll call Grant Sawyer(see Grant, I can still shoot, lol).

Now how about these dummy marks. Now when I used to go to shows as a little kid I'd see all the grown ups boo Arn Anderson, but never get in his face because they knew he'd knock their block off. They'd boo and be done with it. Nowadays, both grown people and little kids will get in a wrestler's face cause they think there's some invisible line between them that the wrestler cannot cross. Well, that's the exact opposite. You get in our faces and you're on our ground, you've just crossed our invisible line. We have the right to slug you, and there's nothing you can do about it.

How about these idiots that think if we throw something into the crowd that we did something wrong. When you go to a baseball game and you get hit with a foul ball you don't go to the owner and demand an apology, you suck it up. If I'm drinking a bottle of water and I chuck it and you get hit, either pay more attention to the action or don't come. And spitting, are you serious? Wrestlers, as a whole, we spit a lot during the course of a match. If you get hit, too bad, get over it. If you want to do something about it then do it, don't cry and complain. You think I'm scared of getting fired? Joey Silvia is a fucking God in Burlington and if he throws a water bottle your way you should be damn lucky he did so. Be glad I don't fill a bottle with cement and chuck it.

And then, worst of all, there's everyone. By everyone I mean the whole fucking crowd. The bell rings, Randy thanks everyone for coming and you all just keep sitting. You wait until Ric comes out so you can kiss his ass, buddy up to him and pretend to be part of the show. Now all your assholes think you're in the show, you IM Ric and go to shows telling everyone you're friends.

In closing, there are only 2 wrestling fans I try and impress. One is myself, and the other is my best buddy Terry. Terry is not bias towards me, he'll tell me if I suck, he'll tell me if I did something good. He knows more about wrestling then everyone I know put together.

In closing, I want to say I really hate fans. I'd also like to thank the CWF for not giving me mic time because you'd probably have to fire me.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Superhero Wresters

Ok, here's how this is going to work. I am a big time director and I am going to use North Carolina wrestling talent as my cast in my next few films about popular comic books. Still with me? Well just fucking read it, I'm bored......sorry to all you new guys, I don't know any of you. And I do plan on excluding myself on this for I would want to be everyone.


American Steel Ninja as Spiderman
Amber O'Neal as Mary Jane Watson
Gemini Kid as Doctor Octopus
Otto Schwanz as Scorpion
Corey Edsel as Rhino
Jason Blade as The Hobgoblin


Mikael Yamaha as Batman
Ultra Dragon as Robin
Matty Dee as The Joker
Brad Rainz as The Riddler
Shannon Moore as Two-Face
Take Lawson as Bane
Lexie Fyfe as Catwoman
Rob McBride as Penguin
Garry Stevens as Clayface
Pops as Mr Freeze

--Fantastic Four--

Xsiris as The Human Torch
Jimi Love as The Thing
Persephone as The Invisible Woman
Kurt Solo as Mr Fantastic
Ric Converse as Dr Doom


Joey Silvia as Wolverine
Jesse Ortega as Cyclops
GeeStar as Jean Grey
Gregory Vercetti as Gambit
Krazy K as Iceman
Alex Adonis as Colossus
Ricky Landell as Angel
Commish Cross as Magneto
J Money as Nightcrawler
Jan Sinn as Juggernaut
Brad Attitude as Sabertooth
Chris Collins as Toad
Kid Justice as Pyro
CW Anderson as Apocalypse


Kamakazi Kid as Daredevil
Venus as Elecktra
Brass Munkey as Bullseye
Donnie Dollars as Kingpin


Caprice Coleman as Green Latern
Ricky Reyes as Ghost Rider
Tommy Gunn as Silver Surfer

More to come later

Friday, July 15, 2005


Brass Munkey is such a tool. I dare, fucking DARE, someone to give me a list of people to do word association with. Fucking school girl shit. I hope you can see this cause I am doing it as hard as I can.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

No One Reads This

Quick T-Dub news......

Last Saturday I beat up a 50 year old guy in some Mt Airy fed. He was talking about being stiff, fuck that guy. That company really doesn't know too much so i'm sure they'll let me do whatever I want to.

Party time is in a few weeks when this old boy turns 21, gunna hang out with my wang out in G-town.

Brass Munkey is a tool.

My post CWF life is very boring, not because I'm not in Burlington, but because I miss my boys.

John Cena pisses me off so much. I swore if he turned the WWE title into a spinner I would kill him. Well, Cena hunttin season is indeed open. It's not like it's his version of the Million Dollar Belt, cause that was Ted's personal belt, he didn't replace the WWE title with it. Cena is taking the actual title and messing with it. I wasn't as upset when the Rock or Austin did it, but let's face it, John Cena isn't either one of those guys.

Michael Jackson didn't do it.

Top 3 movies based on comic books I have never heard of-
1- Sin City
2- Blade
3- The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Most Favorite Finisher Names in the Indys-
5- Orlo-gasm (Orlo Helmer) (he doesn't call it that, but I do)
4- 7th Inning Stretch (Joey Silvia) (Good Stuff)
3- Ric-shaw (Ric Converse) (his little Gory Jr Bomb, he never uses it but damn that's clever)
2- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (Brad Attitude) (he doesn't call it that, but I do, and I find it hilarious)
1- Stairway To Heaven (Brad Rainz) (Mother fucking gold Jerry, gold)

I still love Chris Candido.

Dan Severn was fucking great, anyone who says otherwise must not know about his historic NWA title reign and him butterfly suplexing the Headbangers in a three piece suit.

Orgy was great, I miss them.

Tattoos I would get if I were one of those guys-
3- Crucify
2- Suffering
1- Redemption

I wish Skinner would come back. His music could be like Shane Helms' in WCW.....
"Gator Breaker, gunna break your gator!!!"

It's odd how Edge and Christian were a great tag team, but once they split the lesser of the two(Edge obviously) gets a push while the better gets nothing. Push Christian for God's sake.

Diva Search 2
Electric Boogaloo

Ric Flair fans piss me off. Half of them cheer him because he's a legend, not knowing of any of his work while the other half boo him because they think he can't hang with the good wrestlers like Edge or Cena.

JBL is a fudging God. That man busts his ass match after match and having 5 star matches with everyone only to drop the title to that scumbag Cena.

Bob Holly pointed at us at Smackdown the other day. I have proof. Eat that shit whores.

Women who get mad at me for calling them whores piss me off.

Chyna is a whore. They make Sean Waltman look all bad on The Surreal Life. I'm gunna go to Greg Brady's house and kick his ass, SYXX-PAC STYLE!!!!

Ok, go to bed. No hating tonight, nothing current to hate on. I'm sure I'll find something though.

Monday, March 14, 2005


Currently taking suggestions on what to talk about here, I'm runnin out of stuff. Just reply to this message or email me at with "Blog" as the title and I'll be sure to give you my complete, unfiltered thoughts and feelings on the situation. Thanks and be sure to check back often to see what I say.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Slap In The Face

Let me touch on this subject real quick for everyone regarding my actions at the AC Fitness show. I am fucking glad I did it, and if I could do it again I would in a heartbeat. Why? Cause it promised me something. It either would have led to great angles or it could have landed me out of CWF. I'm glad I did it cause it generated real emotion. Hate me, see if I care. The thing that pisses me off the most is the way people call it a "slap in the face". Let's look at how CWF vs Trent Wylde goes regarding face slapping.......

A record of 0-25

An overall record of 6-40 spanning 2 1/2 years

My first victory being so devastating to the loser that he had to completely change his way of life because he was beat by me

Having zero angles the entire time I was there

Not being able to show a tape of a CWF show to my fucking family cause I was afraid they would tell me I've been wasting the last 5 years of my life

Not being able to bring my girlfriend to a fucking show cause I was embarrassed she'd think I was a loser

Jobbing to a kiss in under three minutes in what was well known as my last show there

Trent Wylde
Running in, after a match, attacking someone for about 3 seconds(who knew it was me, I told him in mid punch), then leaving

The way I see it, CWF has me beat about 46-1. I'll say it again, I'm fucking glad I did it. The thing is, if someone else had done it they would've gotten their cocks sucked but because it was Trent, the jobber, I get bitched at for it. I apologized. I said I was sorry. I called everyone who may have been upset. Fuck it, don't like me, I don't care. Anyone who saw me the night I was supposed to go over Yamaha knows I was upset. Why? Cause I knew that losing was the only gimmick I would ever have, and if it weren't for Ric and Brad, I'd still be doing it. I shouldn't have to come up with my own storylines, they should tell me "hey, we got a good idea for you", instead I'm jobbing in the first match every show for months and months at a time. GeeStar has had more injury angles then I've had angles period. Think I'm overreacting? Try and imagine taking a bus to a show so you can lose in a shorter time then it took for you to get out there, come back home and lie to your family and tell them how good the company thinks you are.......for 2 1/2 fucking years. I'm fucking sick of being the jobber, I'm fucking sick of all you bastards thinking you're better then me. I'm going to say the exact same thing I said during the 2004 Indy Insider awards, just the way I should have said it......

You can all go fuck yourselves

And if anyone has a problem with what I said then feel free to get your ass up Danville and do something about it.

^^^that's me giving all you pricks the finger

Tuesday, December 21, 2004


The Award for Worst Promos was actually a rib on X. The real award goes to William L Cross for his 20+ minute promos before each show which totally kill any crowd we would have had. Thanks

2004 Year End Awards

Worst Finishing Move- Jesse Ortega's Shining Wizard
Rarely does he get it anywhere near the face and more often than not does it look like garbage.

Worst Hair- Brass Monkey's "Punk" Spiked Hair
The man switches hair styles more often then he should, and his most recent gel soaked hair reminds me of all those skater punks who try and be cool.

Worst Tag Team- Mitch Norris & Sean Powers
No tag team unity and tag team moves that look sloppy, and a dumb tag name to boot.

Worst Gear- Alex Adonis' T-Shirt/Jeans combo.
A man of his build could at least try some sort of real gear on.

Worst Match- Jesse Ortega vs GeeStar, June 5th, 2004
A total oil and water combo hear resulting in 5 1/2 minutes of pain.

Worst Babyface- Dover
No crowd interaction, a total waste of space.

Worst Mic Skills- Xsiris
Face or Heel I can't get behind this guy.

Worst Tag Team Finisher- Orlo & Kid Justice's Heart Attack-O-Doom
Total miscomunication resulting in Ric's near death.

Worst Entrance Music- Katie The Ref
Refs shouldn't have music, this song blows to boot.

Least Shocking Moment- Brad Stutts turns on GeeStar
Honestly, who didn't see that coming, and the resulting crowd responce backs me on that.

Most Over Used Move- Superkick
People do it as a regular move one minute, then a finish the next, and everyone does it.

Worst Fued- Crew vs Twisted Aggression
This should've had it's blow off match a long time ago cause it's getting stale.

Most Overrated Wrestler- Corey Edsel
Dispite him being a good worker he is given so much hype that it would be hard for God himself to live up to it.

Least Impressive Newcomer- Alex Adonis
I hate to keep picking on the guy but his lack of gear, big moves so early in a match and severe stiffness can seriously hurt someone.

Worst Angle- Krissy Vaine helps Mikael Yamaha destroy Amber Holly
Let me get this straight.......Krissy and Ric are together, Yamaha and Stutts are boys, Stutts hates Ric more than anything, so it makes sense for them to join up? Honestly, anyone who kept up with the storylines would kill themselves having seen that.

More to come, but I'm tired